As a true city girl, Elexa grew up in all parts of Pittsburgh, PA. She realized her strong desires of wanting to be a performer from the inspirations she found at Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12, a local theater company called, Alumni Theater Company, the CMU summer Pre-college program and The Donna Belajac Actors Studio.


Even growing up in a working class home, you could not stop this girl wanting to sing, act, dance, and create. She’s no stranger to working multiple jobs at once and balancing out priorities. With her busy tail, she loved being able to adapt her abilities of multitasking to the world of Theater.

There’s so much to do in such little time but, Elexa attacks those inner intimidations with grace and confidence.To Elexa, Theater is much more than just show, flash, and commercializing. Elexa has seen the beautiful powers of theater. Theater has the power to change perspective. It has the power to challenge. It has the power enhance motivation. It has the power of inclusion.


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